“…because he understood that something as simple as a little haircut could change the way a man feels inside.”

These #COVID19 quarantine weekends have been tough for me to deal with lately. I’m not sure if its been #FOMO, boredom, sadness or just the blahs –  but whatever it is I know the weekends have felt distinctly different than the week days. Yesterday (Sunday) I decided to do something different to change my energy. I tried a new workout, walked a new trail, ate crab legs, watched a good movie, video chatted with mom and scheduled a haircut with my barber. ((Boom)) #InstantEnergyChanger. I don’t know, maybe I just kept myself active & busy, but what I do know is that I felt better by bedtime and I slept good last night.

Over the years I’ve learned that the ebbs and flows of life will likely leave us more out of balance than in balance. The is learning how to manage those moments. Instead of beating ourselves up, blaming others, the situation or sulking about it, find healthy outlets that help you deal. Usually its something simple.

#Selfcare #selfawareness and #mentalhealth are more than just theories and ideas espoused by talking heads. They are meaningful concepts that can be defined differently by all of us. Make sure you know what they mean for YOU. Then go find ways to put those definitions into practice. Take care of yourself, be safe and cheers to the (next) freakin’ weekend. – MP